Pensions made to measure

Adjustable contributions

FCDE provides flexible contribution options with adaptation potential.

Savings capital Retirement credits
Risk coverage AXA provides insurance
Employer contribution Employer contributions are subject to a minimum of 60%, thereafter the level can be freely chosen
Fees Flat fee of CHF 4.50 p. a. and insured person
Management Fee: 0.40% of assets under management
All-inclusive Setting up and/or adapting a solution, individual counselling, simulations and exits from the pension fund will not be subject to any fee.
Guarantee according to Art. 17 of the Swiss Federal Law on Vesting in Pension Plans (FZG) The employer is obliged to annually establish provisions for the employer contributions, amounting to 5% of the retirement savings capital in order to protect the insured persons as provided in Art. 17 FZG.These provisions will be used it Art. 17 FZG has to be applied. The employer is obliged to cover any potential deficit resulting from insufficient reserves and transfer the corresponding amount to the foundation.

Following a termination the reserves will be transferred to the employer in the form of a contribution refund.