Pensions made to measure

Flexible benefits

The FCDE benefit plan accommodates a large number of approaches to meet the needs and means of our customers.

Applicable wage Annual salary subject to old age and survivors’ insurance contributions (OASI contributions). Serves as basis for calculating the insured annual salary.
The applicable wage may or may not include variable components.
Insured salary The insured salary lies within a rage from CHF 127,980 (minimum amount, coordination deduction) and CHF 853,200 (maximum amount as defined by law)
Benefits Flexible allocation to savings and risk capital
Savings capital Free choice of constant or variable credit scale (e. g. differentiation by age group)
Retirement Capital payment upon reaching the retirement age
Dynamic anticipated retirements can be provided for
Risk coverage Benefits in case of disability or death in % of the insured salary in form of a pension or a lump sum payment.
Multi plans Choice between three different pension plans to accommodate various categories of insured persons