About Us

FCDE in brief

The Fondation pour Cadres & Dirigeants d’Entreprises (FCDE, Foundation for Managers and Executives) provides supplementary occupational benefits for managers and executives in small, medium-sized and large companies, entrepreneurs with at least one employee, professional associations and collective foundations.

Set up to provide non-mandatory professional pensions, FCDE insures salaries and revenue ranging from CHF 127,980 to CHF 853,200 p. a. (official limits for the years 2015/16). FCDE supplements the compulsory professional pension system and the extra-mandatory professional pensions with truly individual and powerful pension solutions.

Originally founded by Geneva private bank Mirabaud for internal purposes, FCDE has been open to a larger public since 2015. Insured persons therefore benefit from the entire investment expertise a genuine private bank has to offer, as well as from its service- and customer-oriented culture.

FCDE is the offspring of a bank that specialises in wealth management. Therefore, we can help you optimise the fiscal benefits inherent to the occupational pension system without having to compromise on investment performance. Because, at the end of the day, the higher the return on your retirement assets, the higher the capital paid out upon retirement.

FCDE is managed by Swiss Life Pension Services: they specialise in technical management and administration, accounting, consultancy and communication regarding occupational and voluntary pension plans.

FCDE stands for powerful occupational pension solutions that meet your exact needs.

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