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LPP Gestion

LPP Gestion SA is in charge of FCDE’s technical, administrative and accounting management.

LPP Gestion was founded in 2001 by Mirabaud & Cie. Within the Mirabaud group, LPP Gestion bundles all pension-relevant knowledge and provides high-level, specialist advice to pension funds corporations and individuals.

Based on the idea that pension fund savings are essential in building up a retirement and health-insurance capital, LPP Gestion will elaborate a comprehensive, dynamic and attractive solution and a tailor-made savings concept for each individual customer.

We care – that’s why at LPP Gestion you’ll always find a ready ear, unhurried consultants, flexible solutions, all working in a spirit of proximity.

We care passionately about the pension problems of our customers. Our first-class targeted services are a tangible expression of our profound knowledge and know-how, our unconditional commitment to quality and our efficient risk management.

LPP Gestion SA is the hub for the entire range of products and services from Mirabaud Prévoyance.

Mirabaud Prévoyance

A global range of pension products and services

Mirabaud Prévoyance reunites the Mirabaud Group’s competencies in a global range of customised solutions.

Mirabaud Prévoyance designs perfectly customised solutions for pension funds as well as small, medium-sized and large enterprises.

Moreover, Mirabaud Prévoyance works as a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, managers and executives looking for comprehensive solutions to safeguard and increase their retirement capital.