About Us

Our advantages

A wealth of experience

With over 10 years of experience in non-mandatory occupational pensions, FCDE numbers among Switzerland’s oldest institutions in this particular segment. Our tried-and-true solutions and our successful investment products are powered by our extensive practical experience.

Because there is no substitute for experience.

Discipline and professionalism

Specialising in professional pensions means that we master the social aspects of the system in order to maximise your fiscal advantages – strictly within the Swiss legal framework.

Don’t waste time looking for loopholes – make the most of existing advantages.

Optimisation and performance

Any of a myriad of apparently trifling matters can make a major difference at retirement. This is the reason why we aim to continuously increase our efficiency and offer state-of-the-art solutions.

Performance is the result of relentless commitment and effort.

A culture shaped by private banking

Traditional private banking is the soil from which FCDE’s authentic performance culture, our service-oriented attitude, our strictly personal approach and our long-term vision are growing – each and every day.

Occupational pensions rooted in private banking

A 360° service

FCDE does not stop at providing powerful pension solutions: We will support you during your entire career. Transparent, easily comprehensible and reliable information, competent and tailor-made advice, a palette of products targeted to your needs, regular reporting, thorough preparation for retirement and follow-up after you’ve retired from the foundation are but a few aspects of what we have to offer.

The three most important words: listening, listening, listening

Individual service and support

At FCDE, individual service and support are more than mere words. Every company has its very own needs, every individual his or her own goals and aspirations. Therefore, every single customer of ours can rely on made-to-measure solutions – be it with regard to benefits, contributions or investments.

Any good pension solution fits exactly one person: you.